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Puppy Adorably Stretches Out On Top of Stuffed Animal

Adorable Puppy Looks Like a Stuffed Animal On Top a Stuffed Animal Get ready for a cuteness overload. Here we see an adorable white puppy that literally looks like a soft squeezable stuffed animal. The puppy in this short video is all stretched out on top of a real stuffed…


Little Foster Puppy Throws A Tantrum

If this little puppy doesn’t get his way, you better hide. He will unleash fury on you and on everyone you love. Thread lightly if you know what’s good for you. The post Little Foster Puppy Throws A Tantrum appeared first on Viral Viral Videos. Funny – Viral Viral Videos


Excited Puppy Spots Its Owner

We all know and love the videos where a dog is over the moon for their owners to return home after their job or something, but this one has a little twist. The dog spots […] The post Excited Puppy Spots Its Owner appeared first on Viral Viral Videos. Funny…


Cute Puppy vs. Lemon

What happens in this video will probably not surprise you. Animals and sour stuff, you’ve seen it before. But I just can’t get enough of that look of surprise, disgust and curiosity all in one […] The post Cute Puppy vs. Lemon appeared first on Viral Viral Videos. Funny –…


Puppy Is Happy He Got New Owners And Dances

This is cute! 🙂 Callum Lenton gathered over 400,000 views on YouTube with this clip. “I am sold dance, happy pupper dance” via: b3ta The post Puppy Is Happy He Got New Owners And Dances appeared first on Viral Viral Videos. Animals – Viral Viral Videos


A Puppy In An Aliens Power Loader Suit

A neat little idea for a cute little puppy from the people of Tested. But Ripley doesn’t seem to like the Power Loader Suit from “Aliens” as much as the original actor… “While at this year’s DesignerCon, Frank Ippolito and Bill Doran (Punished Props) take on an impromptu build project:…

Kitten Jumps In Puppy Cage

This adorable little kitten decided to escape from its enclosure. But once it reached the edge, it decided to jump into the puppy enclosure next door. The puppy was super thrilled with the new roommate, but it’s hard to tell if the kitten is happy or regretful.    Animals –…

Puppy Family Reunion Is Adorable

Family reunions are always an emotional experience. But it’s not just humans who have memories connected with their emotions. Four years ago, Laura Lane and her boyfriend adopted a dog from an animal shelter.  Later, they decided to have a puppy family reunion, and somehow found a few other owners who had the rest of…

Proposing With A Puppy Is The Cutest Marriage Proposal Ever

There are literally countless videos showcasing emotional and creative marriage proposals. Some are more unique and original than others, but few are as adorable as this new one posted by Shelby Turner.  Her boyfriend unexpectedly got her a brand new little puppy. That was enough to make her tear up, but…