Busker Performs To Group Of Kittens In Malaysia

As a true musician, you don’t care about your audience. You just want to express yourself in your (hopefully beautiful) music. Naturally, you might find yourself one day performing in front of a wild audience […] The post Busker Performs To Group Of Kittens In Malaysia appeared first on Viral…


Taking A Picture Of Kittens Is Impossible

It’s hard to get ten kittens to sit quietly next to one another, but this lady gives it her best shot! Animals – Viral Viral Videos

Mother Cat With Kittens Play With Dog

Dogs and cats hate each other, right? At least that’s what the old fable claims. But why focus on what divides us instead of what brings us all together? This video by Ignoramusky demonstrates just that.  They caught this precious video of a mother cat with her kittens playing with a neighborhood…